Visiting Care

The perfect companion service to nursing. Branches available all over London.

Home Care from The Cedars makes a significant difference

If you want to continue staying at home where it is comfortable, support from a visiting caretaker makes this a reality. Caretakers can make a real difference, even if they visit you for just 30 minutes a week or a couple of times a day.

When you need a helping hand, we give it to you. Whether it is taking care of your hygiene, doing your laundry, sorting about your medications or even preparing a nutritious meal, we give you the support you need, allowing you to set your own terms and live the life you want to live.

The Cedars Home Care is one of England’s most trusted home care providers. We even offer specialist care for people with conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, as well as people recovering from a stroke, since we have certified nurses on our team that have experience working with the NHS.

People find it hard asking for support. We are aware of this and are always available to discuss our visiting care services and all their related costs. You can speak to one of our friendly care representatives by giving us a call today.

Bespoke care just for you

Being independent is important to you, and we understand this. We are only ready to come in and assist you when things become too difficult to manage by yourself. You have full control of your care options, whether you need visiting care or live-in support.

Should your needs change while receiving support from The Cedars, we can adjust and adapt to give you more of what you require. Our range of support services are comprehensive for all adults, no matter the age, from round-the-clock home support if your health needs are multifaceted to providing assistance around the house and being a companion.

We will be there for you every step of the way, giving you peace of mind.

Why Choose Cedar Home Care?

We are one of the best home care providers in England, and we’re dedicated to giving our customers the best care imaginable. Plus, we have over decades of experience doing it too.

Adjustable home care

  • Personal care – providing help with any and all everyday tasks
  • Comprehensive and varied services – from half-hour visits to complete live-in support
  • Overnight care – having a reliable person on hand for constant support through the night
  • Respite care – additional support that allows your usual caretaker to take a breather
  • Nursing care – professional help from a team led by a certified nurse
  • Dementia care specialists – a team of caretakers with specialist training to assist people who live with dementia

How Cedars Home Care cares about its customer

  • We’re located near you – located in North London, finchely
  • We aren’t an agency – every caretaker is hand picked by us
  • All caretakers working for us are DBS checked and have been provided with professional training
  • We have been in the home care industry for decades
  • We’re a family run business
  • We are a CQC-accredited and regulated business.

The difference visiting care makes

Visiting support happens at your home and works on your schedule, which is completely deferent from residential care. You don’t have to deal with any disturbance to your living situation (like you would have to when going to live in a nursing or care home), as it enables you to receive the assistance you need where you are.

Visiting support is also tailor-made to suit your specific needs and expectations. For instance, if you like to prepare your meals by yourself, visiting care is flexible enough to allow you to do that since your choice and need for independence are respected. Whether you need more or less help with performing tasks around the house, visiting care is flexible enough to adapt to your needs as they change.

You can even enjoy the things you love with the one-on-one help you get from our trained Care Taker. You can rest assured knowing that you and your family are receiving the safest and highest quality of care with our fully-regulated and managed services.

Arranging Visiting Support

The process of arranging visiting support should be smooth and easy, and that is what we aim for it to be. After the initial meeting, we arrange a sit down with a team member near you, allowing you to discuss the needs and expectations of you and your family with them.

Our Branch is supervised by a certified manager who can arrange for you to receive support when you want it to start. They can also be on standby when you’re discharged from the hospital.

Since we know circumstances can change abruptly, we can quickly put together care to help you deal with any family emergency. Even if you need a couple days to rest from taking care of a loved one, we can arrange respite care, making sure they have someone looking after them at all times while you rest.

We have advisors that can assist you and your family in understanding your choices when it comes to visiting care and also help with formulating and arranging a solution that best suits your needs. You can speak to one of our advisors today by simply giving us a call.

Who needs visiting care?

If you need additional support to continue living life independently (the way you want), then visiting care is for you. It can also be useful when recovering from an injury or major operation, as well as if someone is suffering from conditions like Parkinson’s.

Our visiting Care Takers are more than capable of providing you with all you need, whether you need care for a loved one or yourself. If your loved one’s care needs are advanced, our team of nursing specialists are also ready to step up and adjust their level of support.

Tell us your concerns!

We are available round-the-clock to discuss and find a home care option that is suitable for you. We can call you if you request a callback or you can reach us on 0300 124 5231.