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Staying in your own home

We are chosen by over 300 new families on a weekly basis. Our 29 years of providing care have given us the experience needed to make a difference.

The benefits of staying in your own home

Couples never have to be separated
Allowing couples to remain in their own homes is what we do best. We are even flexible enough to take care of the needs of both couples through our tailored live-in support services. It can cause elderly couples great distress when they have to be separated after decades of always being by each other’s side. We keep them together with the support provided by our live-in caretakers. (They can still live together even if one partner has dementia due to our provision of suitable live-in care). This setup also allows you to save compared to getting two separate beds when you opt for residential care.

individualized support

You get the best care available through our handpicked and highly-trained caretakers, who are not only compassionate but dedicated to looking after you and your family. You get individualised support at all times, guaranteed to make your stay at home extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

Whether you need high-level support for your care needs or just need a companion, our caretakers assist you in any way you want. We understand that your preferences and routines, such as taking walks and choice of meals, are deeply important to you, and we are here to make sure that they are maintained.

We have an award-winning team of caretakers at The Cedars Home Care, and we are proud of them because we wouldn’t be enjoying such a stellar reputation if they weren’t such committed team members. We always ensure that our caretakers are highly-skilled, dedicated, empathetic and compassionate before they join our team and do unsupervised work.

An understanding service provider

On top of giving you peace of mind that you have a caretaker with you at all times helping you complete your day-to-day tasks, our live-in care allows you to remain in your own home and living life the way you want.

We are here to assist you, whether you feel the care setup you have now is inadequate or need support because you are recovering from a hospital stay.

Ongoing care and managed changeovers

You can build a functional relationship and bond with our caretakers since they typically work with you for a couple of weeks at any given time.

During a changeover, we provide a relief caretaker a day ahead before your current caretaker goes on a break, putting your mind at ease since your needs and expectations will still be met undisturbed. For people with memory problems and anxiety, this service is of particular importance. We do this as a standard service, unique to The Cedar Home Care, and it comes at no extra cost.

Quality time with friends and family

We provide a level of care and support you won’t find elsewhere, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy quality time with family and friends worry-free.

No one has to assume the role of caretaker, which is the biggest benefit of live-in support – our expertly-trained caretakers are there to handle all your needs so no friend or family member has to when spending time together.


Let’s be honest, pets are very important family members as well. Pets are part of our support services since a majority of individuals we take care of like living with their furry companions. It has been shown that pets can be a source of great joy and can positively affect a person’s well-being with the level of comfort they provide.

It can be heartbreaking for people to enter a residential or nursing home only to find out that pets are not allowed, which is true for a majority of these homes. Instead of being forced to find another home for your beloved furry family member, our live-in care allows both of you to stay together at home – where you both belong.

We understand your needs

Not only does live-in care mean that you get to stay at home, but it also means that you get peace of mind knowing that there’s someone with you at all times, helping you with your daily tasks and encouraging you to live life the way you want.

We are here to assist you, it doesn’t matter if you’re coming home from a hospital stay or find your current provision of care inadequate.

On-going care and changeover transition management

Our Caregivers usually provide care for a couple of weeks at any given time, allowing them to build and sustain a relationship that is the basis for a strong bond.

A day before the primary caretaker goes on their break, The Cedars Home Care will provide you with a relief caretaker, free of charge. That way, your care is ongoing with no interruption, enabling you to relax while knowing that your needs will still be met. This changeover service is important, especially for those who have memory and anxiety issues.

Friends and family

When the level of care and support being provided is exceptional, friends and family can focus on spending that time with their loved one instead of worrying about their safety. A live-in caretaker gives them a chance to bond and spend quality time together.

There’s no need for anyone to assume the role of a caretaker when there is a live-in carer (that’s what we have been training them for).


Pets are also important members of the family too, which is why we can’t forget them. Pets are included in our care packages since a lot of the individuals we provide support and care to are pet owners. There’s evidence that supports the notion that pets encourage contentment and well-being. Plus, they are a known source of comfort.

Pets are not allowed in many residential and nursing homes, which can cause a lot of heartbreak. With The Cedars Home Care, your pets remain at home (no need to find them a new home away from you) – just like you.

Tell us your concerns!

We are available round-the-clock to discuss and find a home care option that is suitable for you. We can call you if you request a callback or you can reach us at 0300 124 5231.