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How visiting care works

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How visiting care works at Cedar Home Care

Many elderly loved ones have a tough time recognizing that they need some help and care. That is why it always a good idea to check on them every now and then. You need not only provide help and support when they truly need it; it can be something as simple as housekeeping, preparing food or accompanying them to a doctor’s appointment.

Contact us to hear your options

Before deciding anything, call us first. We will give you a break down of what services we can provide to your ageing loved one after you have had a chat with one of our care representatives. This is not a formal discussion, meaning you have a chance to ask as many questions as you want to ensure your loved one is in good hands.

After the discussion, we will present you with a visiting programme, allowing you to choose what option suits you best. The programme will incorporate your needs, whether you need a little time to yourself or need something for the long-term. It also doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, 30 minutes or five hours, our care practitioners are available to visit whenever and for however long you need them to.

Schedule a meeting with a branch manager near you

After we have agreed on a programme, we arrange a meeting between you and a caretaker. During the meeting, you will have a chance to explain your expectations and the amount of support needed for you and your loved one.

When the meeting is over, we come up with a bespoke care plan. It will be comprehensive enough to cover everything you need, from nutrition to medication, complications and appointments. What’s more, it will be flexible enough to account for any changes that may arise.

Also, there is a chance that our expert caretakers are already looking after someone you know in your surrounding area since that is where they normally work. Before your elderly loved one starts receiving care, you will have the opportunity to meet a caretaker to put your mind more at ease. But rest assured that we will do our absolute best to find you one that is a perfect match.

We have the care support you and your loved one needs, so contact us today on 0300 124 523, and we’ll have a chat about our visiting care service.

Quality assurance and smart procedures

Once everything is set and you speak to a branch manager near you, he or she will be your go-to person when you need to contact Cedar Home Care. If you have any concerns, don’t be afraid to bring them to their attention, as he or she will be on standby, together with the care team, to help you out.

Even if it is well past normal working hours, you will always be able to reach someone who is on-call – it could be one of the team members or the branch manager.

We make sure all our branch managers are certified by the Care Quality Commission, meaning home care is something they are registered to provide and supervise. We offer fully regulated services and have quality assurance experts that conduct care inspections and reviews on a regular basis, ensuring that we operate under and maintain the highest standards of service.

How Cedar Home Care monitors visiting care

We use state-of-the-art mobile technology to keep track of and monitor visits by our caretakers. Our professional carers log in time (from the time they start their visit to the time they finish it) from their work phone that has our highly-secure mobile app installed.

The mobile app also sends us an automatic alert when our caretakers have been delayed for any reason, be it traffic or bad weather. On top of contacting you when the caretaker is delayed, we also help you make alternative arrangements should you need to.

Other than helping us provide you with quality home care, the technology we use also helps us track the whereabouts of our caretakers. This helps us make sure they are safe and haven’t encountered any problem or gotten involved in an accident.