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We are fully regulated and approved by CQC to a GOOD Standard.

About Us

Why choose Cedars?

Call today, care tomorrow. A fully managed service for total peace of mind.

The reason why we’re the number one home care agency

One of the things our company has to offer is our very own credibility. Not mentioning the number of care specialists we have and their excellent skills, we are very proud to say that we do have several branches across the UK.

The Cedars is a family-owned company which aims to give the best quality of care an agency can provide. We are one of the people’s choice when it comes to exceeding your expectations in terms of your home care requirements.

Quality of work is what our company is known for. This means that we give the best care that perfectly fits for you. Moreover, our company is holding a keen reputation in terms of home care, which is being shown in the ratings from people we provide care for, as well as client recommendations.

A service that’s fully regulated

Two of the most respected agencies, Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), fully regulate The Cedars.

Pioneering agencies are mere introductory and are not regulated in any way, and this means that paying the carer and giving them preferred breaks and holidays are in addition to your burden. Choosing us will be the best way to ease the weight of those worries.

Fully regulated only means fully controlled services.

Should you choose us in terms of home care services, we’ll manage everything from your application to the actual home care support. As mentioned above, we are fully registered and regulated with CQC and CIW.

An agency that’s fully regulated can give you the assurance of excellent quality care from both the company itself and the carers we hire. We follow strict protocol and regulatory standards which gives additional reassurance to our clients, with regard to the care we provide.

Centre of Excellence

Outstanding quality trainings are regularly granted to our carers for continuous service improvement. We focus more on skills and personal trainings, which allow our carers to bring out the best of them, in terms of home care and personality development.

The Cedars is the best home care provider that was labeled as a Centre of Excellence. The company was rated according to its utmost quality and genuine care for the clients.

Our dedication to care and quality were honed by constant and special standard trainings, that’s why the support team, from managers to our very own carers have the most person-centered care a best agency could only provide.

Directly-hired carers

Every carer in our agency were directly employed by The Cedars. Meaning, there’s no third party agency that hires for us and that we make sure that our higher department is on-hand when it comes to the employment of the carers.

The significance of having directly-hired carers is that we guarantee that they are of high standards and are experts in their field.

Unlike other pioneering home care agencies, we do not let the client pay for the salary and benefits of our carers. Instead, we shoulder their pay as the direct employer. The benefits of our carers include travel expenses, holiday pay, contributions and the likes. Each carer are being trained by a mentor who apparently coach and teach every important skills and attitude a carer should acquire.

The directly-hired carers will not be able support our clients if we, as the direct employer, doesn’t give them their deserved benefits and fair compensation.

Home care experts across the nation

Our modest beginnings started from the bottom, and as time passed by, we have come to the point of being one of the biggest and most honored home care providers all over the UK.

The Cedars’ teams, including the dedicated carers, expert trainers and specialists, are all experienced in providing the perfect home care support that you deserve. We also have registered nurses who are indeed excellent in their chosen career.

We strongly believe that home is the best place to stay, neither you’re healthy nor sick. Your own home has the best ambiance for you to improve your health in any way possible. By giving your trust to us means you’re entrusting your home care to the carers that are well-trained. Also, we can choose the best package of support, depending on the home care you require.

Personalized care for you and your family

By regularly monitoring your care support plan, we can absolutely make the best alternatives and resolution regarding your home care requirements. We can also arrange extra support and arrange additional trainings for your carer if needed.

We understand that every person’s support needs are constantly changing, might it be gradual or immediate. Anyhow, we are prepared for these changes, that’s why we have an adaptable service type only The Cedars can offer.

Our team will have a thorough discussion with you regarding your program and will walk you through every step of the way. Your program will basically be based regarding your required care and support. Every client has a unique support plan, which enables you to live with utmost ease and care. Procedures of the care plan will be fully checked and assessed so that we can provide a fitted care just for you and your family.

To fully monitor your home care support, we have ventured on an excellent technology where we can easily coordinate with you and your carer. This allows you to directly send your comments and suggestions for the continuous improvement of The Cedars.

Every carer is being issued a company mobile phone so that they can easily get in touch with the expert team, whenever needed. In this way, we can also update you with the best alternatives and immediate change of your home care support requirement.

Quickly set about your concern with us!

You may schedule a visit at your convenience from 9AM to 5PM every day. We offer an 8-hour support on-hand, should you wish to talk through your needs. You are also welcome to visit us directly at 30 High Rd, London N2 9PJ. See you!