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We are fully regulated and approved by CQC to a GOOD Standard.

About Us

A CQC regulated service

Call today, care tomorrow. A fully managed service for total peace of mind.

Nationwide home care by a fully regulated service

Compared to some other home care providers, our services are fully regulated, assessed and rated.

The company has a sense of commitment, where transparency and quality are priorities. We are trying to support you and your family in getting the help you need desire, and we believe that being one of the best providers allows us to achieve this noble goal.

Our company is fully regulated by two of the most respected agencies in the entire UK. First is the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and second is the CIW (Care Inspectorate Wales).

What is the CQC?

Being CQC-regulated means you are getting home care that is guaranteed to meet your health and social care requirements.

The Care Quality Commission is an independent and sole regulator of Health and Social Care in England. They make sure that people get the safest and most effective care services they require. The main job of the CQC is to assess each and every service being offered by home care providers, just like us. Once they have finished evaluating the providers, they rate them honestly based on objective criteria of what makes a good home care company.

How does the CQC assess?

The CQC has their so-called KLOEs (Key Lines of Enquiry). They consist of 5 key questions that all home care providers must answer.

  • The first question: “Are they safe?” – All customers need to be protected from any form of hard.
  • Second question: “Are they effective?” – Providing quality care to customers should be a priority for all home care specialists.
  • Third question: “Are they caring?” – All caretakers need to be compassionate and respectful carers.
  • Fourth question: “Are they responsive to people’s needs?” – The service needs to be well-managed for customers to get the best care imaginable.
  • Fifth question: “Are they well led?” – All home care providers need to provide high-quality care and have a good reputation as well.

The Cedars Home Care: Benefits of choosing us

  • You can give feedback directly to the CQC regarding the service we give. This allows you to have a voice, ensuring that good care is complimented and any poor care is emphasized.
  • Training for all carers and staff is in line with the Care Certificate and is conducted on a regular basis, meaning all our employees are well-trained to the level of national standards prior to working unsupervised with our customers.
  • Audits are constantly being conducted by a regulatory body to give you peace of mind that we do everything we can to meet your needs.
  • We submit reports to the regulator to make sure they have confidence in the way we control our home care services. Transparency of what we are doing will always be given to the customer.
  • The CQC coordinates with other agencies, such as the Health & Safety Executive, Health Watch and the local government ombudsman, so that they provide honest feedback on how our services are performing. With so many sources of credibility and reviews, our customers will feel assured of our high-standard services.
  • To maintain our registration, we comply with regulatory standards, which allows us to give you the best services at all times.

How is The Cedars Home Care rated?

Annual reports are being regularly submitted to CQC for review and inspection by home care companies. Once the reports are evaluated, the companies are given an overall rating based on the performance and quality of care we provide.

All branches are individually inspected, and they each have their very own ratings from CQC.

We have a high rating, and we would have not achieved this without the help of our dedicated employees, from the care team to the local managers and support teams. Furthermore, we would not have achieved this excellent rating if it had not been for our loyal customers who love our home care services.

Quality assurance analysis

We have a quality assurance team that makes sure every aspect of our service is delivered with highest standard of care. Here is how they do this:

  • Providing a principal function of analyzing and reporting on trends concerning any useful data obtained, allowing them to single out the best practices and weaknesses in service that can be shared across the business to ensure we constantly strive for the best.
  • They act as a special point of contact for local authorities with respect to monitoring the existing programs. They also serve as an escalation department for complaints and concerns raised with the company, making sure things are taken cared of immediately and effectively so that our customers receive a positive experience with us.
  • Procedures and protocols are updated in line with legal and regulatory requirements, meaning our customers receive up-to-date services and practices.
  • To ensure that we satisfy regulatory compliance and reflect the values of quality care, third-party compliance/internal auditing checks are conducted
  • To ensure that our customers always receive quality service, our quality team evaluates all our current practices on a regular basis to make sure they are consistent with quality care.
  • The registration and enrolment of new affiliates is coordinated on an individual basis and in a timely manner.
  • Third-party feedback is obtained through surveys conducted at a central location. The results of the survey are distributed to each department in the company so they take the necessary action.
  • The quality assurance team is responsible for dealing with third party agencies, providing them with all they need, such data requests, preparing documents and sending them to the requester in a timely manner, making sure a customer’s application for further funding is not delayed.
  • Escalation service – if the customer wants their concern to be escalated, they can do so with the peace of mind of knowing it will be evaluated fairly and thoroughly by an independent party.

Quickly set about your concern with us!

You may schedule a visit at your convenience from 9AM to 5PM every day. We offer an 8-hour support on-hand, should you wish to talk through your needs. You are also welcome to visit us directly at 30 High Rd, London N2 9PJ. See you!